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Group retreat at Point Reyes, 2014

An integral and very important part of Prof. Shen's work in Physics includes his devotion to teaching as well as mentoring the coming generations of students and postdocs.

[Notes for interested students]

If you would like to join Prof. Shen's group, you must first apply to a graduate program of your choice at Stanford University and follow the graduate admission process of each department. For example:

If you should be accepted to a Stanford graduate program, Prof. Shen would be happy to discuss your future in Physics, but can only do so after you have gained admission to Stanford University.

For incoming graduate students

If you want to have your rotation program in Shen Group, you will have the chance to conduct research in the fields of high-temperature superconductivity, microwave impedance microscopy, ultrafast lasers, photon-enhanced thermionic emission, molecular beam epitaxy, and a variety of other Physics challenges.

If you would like to continue with Shen Group after rotation, you will need to arrange an interview with Prof. Shen in order to join the group and begin the path to your Ph.D. degree.

For postdocs

Once accepted, you can continue building upon your past successes by exploring a wide range of Physics problems with the state-of-the-art instruments at Shen Lab. Prof. Shen collaborates with postdocs on their projects and is always there to help find solutions and provide guidance.