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Graduate Students

Arthur Campello

I am a graduate student in the Applied Physics department. I received my bachelor's degree in physics and economics from Cornell University in 2020 and joined the Shen group in the fall of the same year. I am interested in using time-resolved ARPES to explore non-equilibrium behaviors of material electronic structures, including collective excitations and density waves. My research involves mapping these behaviors along time with high resolution and developing new time-resolved ARPES techniques to probe unobserved material phenomena.

Sophia Han

I am a graduate student in the department of applied physics. I received my B.S. degree in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2019 and joined Shen group in the fall of 2019. I am interested in studies of light matter interactions to explore exotic phases in quantum materials. Currently, I'm working on developing and utilizing the spin-resolved ARPES to further study the intrinsic spin textures of quantum materials.

Jay Qu

I am a graduate student in the Physics department. I joined the Shen group late 2017, after completing my bachelor's degree at Harvard University. I am interested in understanding materials with exotic quantum states and phases, through the prism of the electronic structure. And so, I am excited to be part of efforts that utilitize novel time- and spin-resolved ARPES capabilities to study these materials through a whole new lens.

Kejun (Ben) Xu

Hi! I'm from the land of true north (AKA Canada) and joined the Applied Physics department/Shen group in Sept 2016 after completing my undergrad at the University of Toronto. I'm interested in a wide range of problems in the field of quantum materials, although I'm currently working on scanning microwave microscopy of 2D systems and strongly correlated materials that exhibit metal-insulator transitions (MIT). Feel free to contact me with questions (no guarantees on answers though).

Yingfei Li

Hi! I am a graduate student in department of applied physics and join in Shen's lab in Sept 2019 after receiving my B.S degree from Nanjing University. I am interested in intersection of strong correlations, topological order, high-temperature superconductivity. My research benefits a lot from world's-leading instruments of our group and illuminating discussions with our group members.