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Review Articles

Role of the orbital degree of freedom in iron-based superconductors

M. Yi, Y. Zhang, Z.-X. Shen, D. H. Lu
npj Quantum Materials 2, 57 (2017)

Energy gaps in high-transition-temperature cuprate superconductors

M. Hashimoto, I. M. Vishik, R.-H. He, T. P. Devereaux, Z.-X. Shen
Nature Physics 10, 483 (2014)

Angle-resolved photoemission studies of quantum materials

D. H. Lu, I. M. Vishik, M. Yi, Y. L. Chen, R. G. Moore, Z. X. Shen
Annual Review of Condensed Matter Physics 3, 129 (2012)

ARPES studies of cuprate Fermiology: superconductivity, pseudogap and quasiparticle dynamics

I. M. Vishik, W. S. Lee, R.-H. He, M. Hashimoto, Z. Hussain, T. P. Devereaux, Z. X. Shen
New Journal of Physics 12, 105008 (2010)

Material and doping dependence of the nodal and antinodal dispersion renormalization in single- and multi-layer cuprates

S. Johnston, W. S. Lee, Y. L. Chen, E. A. Nowadnick, B. Moritz, Z.-X. Shen, T. P. Devereaux
Advances in Condensed Matter Physics 2010, 968304 (2010)

A brief update of angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy on a correlated electron system

W. S. Lee, I. M. Vishik, D. H. Lu, Z.-X. Shen
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 21, 164217 (2009)

A review of electron-phonon coupling seen in the high-Tc superconductors by angle-resolved photoemission studies (ARPES)

T. Cuk, D. H. Lu, X. J. Zhou, Z.-X. Shen, T. Devereaux, N. Nagaosa
Physica Status Solidi (b) 242, 11 (2005)

Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the cuprate superconductors

A. Damascelli, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen
Review of Modern Physics 75, 473 (2003)

Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the cuprate superconductors

Z.-X. Shen
Presented at the international conference honoring Prof. C. N. Yang's 80th birthday in 2002