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Angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES): probing electronic structure and many-body interactions, Coshare Science 02, video–4, 1—43 (2024)

Electron Doped Cuprates: Unveiling Surprises and Insights into Persistent Challenges in High–Temperature Superconductors, Frontiers on Unconventional Superconductivity (FoUS), Extreme Quantum Materials Alliance (eQMA), Rice University, 01/28/2024

Surprises and insights from electron doped cuprates, Electron Correlations beyond the Quasiparticle Paradigm: Theory and Experiment, KITP Conference, 08/20/2023

SSRL 50 at SLAC, 04/20/2023

World Quantum Day at the Office of Science, Department of Energy, 04/20/2023

In Search for the Next Magic Stone, Physics/Applied Physics Colloquium, Stanford University, 10/18/2022

Recent results and reflections on cuprate phase diagramsAlbaNova Colloquium, Stockholm University, 2022

Essential Ingredients for Superconductivity in Copper Oxide Superconductors, AlbaNova Colloquium, Stockholm University, 09/06/2022

Coupled Interactions in Novel Superconductors, Rice Center for Quantum Materials (RCQM) Seminar Series on Fe-based Superconductivity, RCQM, 03/24/2021

Essential Ingredients for Superconductivity in Copper Oxide Superconductors, Quantum Matter in Mathematics and Physics Seminar, Harvard University, 11/06/2020

Introduction to Energy at Stanford & SLAC, Energy @ Stanford & SLAC 2011 conference, Stanford University, 09/12/2011