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Graduate Students

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Noah Meyer

I am a graduate student in the Department of Physics. I joined the Shen group in Autumn 2022. Before coming to Stanford, I completed my bachelor’s degree at Wake Forest University and an MPhil in physics at the University of Cambridge. I am interested in observing electronic and atomic processes in strongly correlated materials through time-resolved ARPES. I am currently working on implementing a new technique for studying electronic properties using THz light in pump-probe spectroscopy.


Sebastien Abadi

I am a graduate student in the physics department, and I joined the Shen group in autumn 2022. Previously, I did my undergrad in physics at Caltech. I have always enjoyed learning about interesting materials, and I look forward to studying unconventional superconductivity here in the Shen group. In terms of techniques, I am currently learning about laser ARPES and synchrotron ARPES.


Elena Corbae


Hello! I am a graduate student in the department of Applied Physics. I joined Shen lab in Autumn 2021 after receiving my bachelors from the University of Michigan the same year. I am generally interested in using ARPES to gain insight into the emergent behavior of quantum materials, while my current research focuses on iron based superconductors. 


Wong Jin Gene

I study—above all else—the microscopic behaviour of strongly correlated superconductors using time-resolved ARPES, primarily those femtosecond nonequilibrium phenomena uncapricious enough to grace us with their presence. Some of these ignes fatui are metastable phases, phonon bottlenecks in electron relaxation, and excited phononic and order-parameter modes. I'd say that time-resolved, pump-probe ARPES is kindred with extended technique. It complements static 'beamline' ARPES, and observing ultrafast processes cranks open new windows through which the underlying physics of superconductors may be surveyed. Scattering channels, I'm looking at you. I'm in Physics. I joined the Shen group in Winter 2022 after having read the Natural Sciences Tripos. Here's my [Email].

Sophia Han

I am a graduate student in the department of Applied Physics. I received my B.S. degree in Physics from University of California, Santa Barbara in 2019 and joined Shen group in the fall of 2019. I am interested in studies of light-matter interactions to explore exotic phases in quantum materials. Currently, I'm working on developing and utilizing the spin-resolved ARPES to further study the intrinsic spin textures of quantum materials.

Yingfei Li

Hi! I am a graduate student in the department of Applied Physics and joined Shen's lab in September 2019 after receiving my B.S degree from Nanjing University. I am interested in the intersection of strong correlations, topological order, and high-temperature superconductivity. My research benefits a lot from our world-leading instruments and illuminating discussions with our group members.

Jay Qu

I am a graduate student in the Physics department. I joined the Shen group late 2017, after completing my bachelor's degree at Harvard University. I am interested in understanding materials with exotic quantum states and phases, through the prism of the electronic structure. And so, I am excited to be part of efforts that utilitize novel time- and spin-resolved ARPES capabilities to study these materials through a whole new lens.

Ruohan Wang

I am a graduate student in the Physics department. I joined Prof. Shen's group in autumn 2021 after receiving my B.S. degree from Rice University. I am interested in studying various emergent behaviors of quantum materials by exploring their electronic structures. Currently, my work focuses on investigating physical properties of oxide thin films and their heterostructures, combining molecular beam epitaxy and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy.

Kejun (Ben) Xu

I work on ARPES and trARPES studies of cuprate superconductors and Kondo insulators. Prior to joining the Shen group, I did my undergrad at the University of Toronto. I grew up in Vancouver, Canada, where I learned to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors.