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Angle-resolved photoemission studies of the cuprate superconductors

A. Damascelli, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen
Review of Modern Physics 75, 473 (2003)   Cited: 3733

Experimental realization of a three-dimensional topological insulator, Bi2Te3

Y. L. Chen, J. G. Analytis, J.-H. Chu, Z. K. Liu, S.-K. Mo, X. L. Qi, H. J. Zhang, D. H. Lu, X. Dai, Z. Fang, S. C. Zhang, I. R. Fisher, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen
Science 325, 178 (2009)   Cited: 3103

Discovery of a three-dimensional topological Dirac semimetal, Na3Bi

Z.K. Liu, B. Zhou, Z.J. Wang, H.M. Weng, D. Prabhakaran, S.-K. Mo, Z.-X. Shen, Z. Fang, X. Dai, Z. Hussain, Y. L. Chen
Science 343, 864-867(2014)   Cited: 1546

Evidence for ubiquitous strong electron-phonon coupling in high-temperature superconductors

A. Lanzara, P. V. Bogdanov, X. J. Zhou, S. A. Kellar, D. L. Feng, E. D. Lu, T. Yoshida, H. Eisaki, A. Fujimori, K. Kishio, J.-I. Shimoyama, T. Noda, S. Uchida, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen
Nature 412, 510-514(2001)   Cited: 1546

Excitation gap in the normal state of underdoped Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ

A. G. Loeser, Z.-X. Shen, D. S. Dessau, D. S. Marshall, C. H. Park, P. Fournier, A. Kapitulnik
Science 273, 325 (1996)   Cited: 1189

Anomalously large gap anisotropy in the a-b plane of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ

Z.-X. Shen, D. S. Dessau, B. O. Wells, D. M. King, W. E. Spicer, A. J. Arko, D. Marshall, L. W. Lombardo, A. Kapitulnik, P. Dickinson, S. Doniach, J. DiCarlo, T. Loeser, C. H. Park
Physical Review Letters 70, 1553 (1993)   Cited: 1134

A Stable three-dimensional topological Dirac semimental Cd3As2i2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ: Angle-resolved photoemission results

Z.K. Liu, J. Jiang, B. Zhou, Z.J. Wang, H.M. Weng, D. Prabhakaran, S.K. Mo, H. Peng, P. Dudin, T. Kim, M. Hoesch, Z. Fang, X. Dai, Z.-X. Shen, D.L. Feng, Z. Hussain, Y.L. Chen
Nature Materials 13, 677-681(2014)   Cited: 1040

Giant bandgap renormalization and excitonic effects in a monolayer transition metal dichalcogenide semiconductork

M.M. Ugeda, A.J. Bradley, S.-F. Shi, H. Felipe, Y. Zhang, D.Y. Qiu, W. Ruan, S.-K. Mo, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen, F. Wang, S.G. Louie, M.F. Crommie
Nature Materials 13, 1091-1095(2014)   Cited: 1013

Massive Dirac fermion on the surface of a magnetically doped toplogical insulator

Y.L. Chen, J.-H Chu, J.G. Analytis, Z.K. Liu, K. Igarashi, H.-H, Kuo, X.L. Qi, S. K. Mo, R.G. Moore, D.H. Lu, M. Hashimoto, T. Sasagawa, S.C. Zhang, I.R. Fisher, Z. Hussain, Z.-X. Shen,
Sicience 329, 659-662(2010)   Cited: 980

Unconventional electronic structure evolution with hole doping in Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ: Angle-resolved photoemission results

D. S. Marshall, D. S. Dessau, A. G. Loeser, C-H. Park, A. Y. Matsuura, J. N. Eckstein, I. Bozovic, P. Fournier, A. Kapitulnik, W. E. Spicer, Z.-X. Shen
Physical Review Letters 76, 4841 (1996)   Cited: 858

Direct observation of the transition from indirect to direct bandgap in atomically thin epitaxial MoSe2

Y. Zhang, T-R Chang, B. Zhou, Y-T. Cui, H. Yan, Z. Liu, F. Schmitt, J. Lee, R. Moore, Y. Chen, H. Lin, H.-T. Jeng, S.-K. Mo, Z. Hussain,A. Bansil, Z.-X. Shen
Nature nanotechnology 9, 111(2014)   Cited: 852

Electronic structure and Photoemission studies of late transition-metal oxides-Mott insulators and high-temperature superconductors

Z.-X. Shen, D. S. Dessau Physics Reports 253,1-162(1995)   Cited: 812

Aharonov-Bohm interference in topological insulator nanoribbons

H. Peng, K. Lai, D. Kong, S. Meister, Y. Chen, X.-L Qi, S-C. Zhang, Z.-X. Shen, Y. Cui
Nature Materials 9, 225-229(2010)   Cited: 775

Key features in the measured band structure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8+δ: Flat bands at EF and Fermi surface nesting

D. S. Dessau, Z.-X. Shen, D. M. King, D. S. Marshall, L. W. Lombardo, P. H. Dickinson, A. G. Loeser, J. DiCarlo, C.-H Park, A. Kapitulnik, W. E. Spicer
Physical Review Letters 71, 2781 (1993)   Cited: 633

E versus k relations and many body effects in the model insulating copper oxide Sr2CuO2Cl2

B. O. Wells, Z.-X. Shen, A. Matsuura, D. M. King, M. A. Kastner, M. Greven, R. J. Birgeneau
Physical Review Letters 74, 964 (1995)   Cited: 624

Polarization-sensitive broadband photodetector using a black phosphorus vertical p-n junction

H. Yuan, X. Liu, F. Afshinmanesh, W. Li, G. Xu, J. Sun, B. Lian, A.G. Curto, G. Ye, Y Hikita, Z.-X. Shen, S.-C. Zhang, X. Chen, M. Brongersma, H.Y. Hwang, Y. Cui,
Nature nanotechnology 10, 707 (2015)   Cited: 530

STM Imaging of Electronic Waves on the Surface of Bi2Te3: Topologically Protected and Surface States and Hexagonal Warping Effects

Z. Alpichshev, J.G. Analytis, J.-H Chu, I.R. Fisher, Y.L. Chen, Z.-X. Shen, A. Fang, A. Kapitulnik
Physcial Review Letters 104, 016401(2010)   Cited:530

Symmetry-breaking orbital anisotropy observed for detwinned BA (Fe1-xCox) 2As2 above the spin density wave transition

M. Yi, D. Lu, J.-H. Chu, J.G. Analytis, A.P. Sorini, A.F. Kemper, B. Moritz, S.-K. Mo, R.G. Moore, M. Hasimoto, W.-S. Lee, Z. Hussain, T. P. Devereaux, I.R. Fisher, Z.-X. Shen
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108, 6878-6883 (2011)   Cited: 524

Effect of chemical inhomogeneity in bismuth-based copper oxide superconductors

H. Eisaki, N. Kaneko, D.L. Feng, A. Damascelli, P.K. Mang, K.M. Shen,Z.-X. Shen, M. Greven
Physical Review B 69, 064512(2004)   Cited: 516

Doping Dependence of an n-Type Cuprate Superconductor Investigated by Angle-Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

N.P. Armitage, F. Ronning, D.H. Lu, C Kim, A. Damascelli, K.M. Shen, D.L. Feng, H. Eisaki, Z.-X. Shen, P.K. Mang, N. Kaneko, M.Greven, Y Onose, Y. Taguchi, Y. Tokura,
Physical Review Letters 88, 257001 (2010)   Cited: 502